LaunchPodium Partners With The Last Mile

LaunchPodium’s EIR program is available for graduates of The Last Mile. The program aims to equip the graduates with the instruction and guidance needed to transform their business plans into real, operating businesses and organizations.

By focusing on integration of world class web services, we make the entrepreneurs’ dream a reality. We’re committed to the expansion and sustainability of our EIR program so that we can accelerate more entrepreneurs wanting to bring positive change in their lives and the world.

Meet the entrepreneurs from 2013 class

[icon name=”linkedin”] Tulio Cardozo, Founder, Collaborative Benefit

[icon name=”linkedin”] Caleb Hunter, Founder, CitySparc

[icon name=”linkedin”] Eddie Griffin, Founder, At The Club

[icon name=”linkedin”] James Houston, Founder, Teen Tech Hub

[icon name=”linkedin”] Floyd Hall, Founder, Virtual Legacy

[icon name=”linkedin”] Kenyatta Leal, Founder, CoachPotato

[icon name=”linkedin”] Heracio Harts, Founder, Healthy Hearts Institute (HHI)

Read more about the program here and about The Last Mile here.

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