Support – Let’s Get This Solved


Q. How Do I Create a Help Request?
A. Submit a help request here. If you have a specific WordPress question you can use this support page from WordPress.

Q. What is LaunchPodium?
A. It’s an content marketing service. We manage your website, email marketing, social media and advertising.

Q. Who uses LaunchPodium?
A. We are perfect for startups, entrepreneurs and growth companies. For large enterprise and Do-It-Yourselfers we’re not a good fit.

Q. How does pricing work?
A. The monthly fee is a subscription to the LaunchPodium service. You can compare our different subscriptions on our activate page. This covers all the good stuff: design, hosting, social media, newsletter, updates and analytics. You can change your subscription level easily and you control any extra services such as making videos and additional content.

Q. What is the set up fee?
A. A setup fee is required to activate and setup your service. This is a one off fee that covers the design of your website, newsletter and social networks.

Q. How do I get LaunchPodium?
A. Please activate your service here and you’ll be contacted within 24 hours. If it’s urgent, please call: Tel. +1.415.570.7590

Q. What is your service guarantee?
A. We want our service to work for you:

  • Your site will be fast, secure and backed up.
  • Your social media will be constantly engaged.
  • Your advertising will be efficient.
  • Your customer support requests will be answered in 24 hours.
  • If you’re not happy, you’ll get your money back.

Q. What custom services can I order?
A. We will develop custom content for your site. We will also develop additional functionality for the site too.

Q. Can I migrate an existing site?
A. Yes. Any WordPress content can be migrated to our platform.

Q. What reporting do I receive?
A. We provide all customers the following reports:

  • Site monitor 24.7
  • Alerts based on site goals
  • Daily/weekly/monthly website analytics
  • Live Social activity

Q. What Hosting Services Are Available?

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Content Delivery Network
  • Webshop
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Email Newsletter Hosting

Q. What Email Newsletter Hosting Are Available?
A. Hosting and sending out regular newsletters is included in your monthly subscription. Your website will automatically collect new subscriber registrations. A regular newsletter will be sent automatically to your subscribers. Please note for over 2,000 subscribers fees may apply.

Q. What Advertising Services Are Available?

A. We manage advertising campaigns for several areas:

  • Paid search
  • Social
  • Mobile
  • Display

Q. What Social Media Services Are Available?
A.We post social media for our customers in the following networks:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Q. What content services are available?
A. We will discover, create and share engaging content for you. We create various content formats:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Press release
  • Blog
  • Whitepaper
  • Images
  • Infographic
  • Slides
  • Video
  • Podcast
  • Music
  • Animation
  • Webinar
  • Apps
  • Games

Q. How will I find out about new releases and updates?
A. We will update everyone via our newsletter and our blog.

Q. Can I update my WordPress site myself?
A. Sure can. You have full editor rights to the site and a secure login. You can also directly access MailChimp, social media and Adwords. Updates to your website are included in your service. You can change text, links and photos on existing pages for one *unit* or create a new page for 5 *units*.

Q. What kind of website do I get?
A. The website is a elegant, mobile-friendly WordPress installation hosted by LaunchPodium. LaunchPodium will design and develop your site. You can add/remove content as part of your monthly service.

Q. What’s included in the E-commerce store?
A. The E-commerce solution is a secure store that seamlessly integrates into your WordPress website. A SSL certificate and full store functions such as payments, shipping, tax, coupons and inventory are included.

Q. What monitoring of services is available?
A. Real-time monitoring of your website is included in your service. We monitor your site from different browsers and locations around the world to ensure your service has maximum up-time.

Q. What’s included in a Expert Analytics Review?
A. We will review all your data as part of your service. We will make a custom set of recommendations to help you attract, engage and convert your customers.

Q. What’s Included In Your Syndication Services?
A. We will share your content so you can attract new customers. Your content will appear as recommendations on the content publishers including sites like CNN, Slate and ESPN.

Q. Is your chief of security really as tough as he looks?
A. He’s called Bear for a reason.